Fawziyah Javed Cause of Death? What Happened to Fawziyah Javed? Wiki-Bio, Age

In this article, We will talk about Fawziyah Javed’s death details who passed away in 2021 after being pushed off a cliff in Edinburgh while on a trip with her husband, Kashif Anwar. Her name has been making headlines for the last few times and multiple questions have been raised related to her. Javed’s name is gathering huge and many users are hitting the search engine platforms to learn more about her death case, so we made an article and shared all the available details here. Let’s begin your reading and don’t skip any single line or word.

Fawziyah Javed Cause of Death

According to the sources, Fawziyah was a 31-year-old woman who lived in Leeds with her husband, Kashif Anwar. The couple got married in 2020 and were enjoying their married life but unfortunately, Fawziyah lost her life. She was a beloved daughter and also played a sufficient role in her professional life. She also had a strong bond with her mother, Nighat Yashmin Javed. She was a cherished family member and share always spread love with her open hands. She became a close member of the community too early and her passing has affected all of her loved ones. Keep continuing your reading to know her death circumstances.

Fawziyah Javed Cause of Death?

Reportedly, Fawziyah’s life was tragically cut short in Septem 2021 when she was with her husband, Kashif Anwar while on a trip to Scotland with her husband. The shocking part is she was killed by own her husband and she was pregnant at the time of her death, with her unborn child due in February 2022. She was the victim of domestic violence and she faced various challenges in her personal life, including instances of domestic abuse, she was determined to seek help and protect herself and her unborn child. She was being pushed by her husband off a cliff at Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh in September 2021. Read on…

She was 31 years old at the time of her passing and died after being pushed off a cliff by her husband in September 2021. It is reported that her last words to a passerby, “Don’t let my husband come near me, he pushed me”, became crucial evidence in the case against her husband. Her husband Anwar was convicted of her murder in April 2023 and he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his actions. Fawziyyah’s death is a reminder of the devastating consequences of domestic violence. We will update our article as we receive further reports. Stay connected with dekhnews.com to read more articles.

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