Fire In Citadel Mews complex, Northern St. Albert 3 Injured Check images Videos Names

At least three people have been taken to the hospital after a massive fire broke out at the Citadel Mews complex, Northern St. Albert. All the Fire stations of St. Albert have received the calls and the fire bridge has already reached the incident spot. According to the photos and videos, the fire was seen on the roof of the building from Erin Ridge Road.BREAKING NEWS: Fire rages at Citadel Mews seniors' complex in northern St.  Albert - StAlbertToday.ca

The Mayor of St. Albert, Cathy Heron said after watching a live video on Facebook that was ended at 09:43 PM. After watching the scene and the condition of the area, she spoke to the firefighters who were facing the critical problem. They claimed that there no confirmed news related to any loss in the incident. Cathy Heron said with the emergency vehicles,” It is one of the huge fires that has ever seen”. She also encouraged the local people to help another one in this needy time. Also said,” At this moment, we all need to pray for all of them who have been facing this problem”.

She also said to firefighters that how did it fire in the complex of Erin Ridge area just behind the Sturgeon Community Hospital. On a tweeter page, the local firefighter tweeted on their page about the incident when the crew reached the spot,” Crews from all the three fire stations are currently working on a large structure fire in northern St Albert”.

While the local news channel shared some images and video flaming on the roof of the building coming out. Scott Wilde, the Acting Chief of the St. Albert fire Department said that it was being told by the owner that every member of the building has been counted and taken outside the building but firefighters also ensure that nobody was inside the building now.

He also said that there are around 100 suites inside the building and most of the people came out on their own and some needed the help of others to go out.

With all of this, Wilde said that he was planning to change the residents where they can move to St. Albert until they chose what can we do next? He also said,” we can’t find that how the fire started but the fire started in one of the lower suites and then, came outside the building and then, went up the walls and also, on the roof of the building”.


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