First-class rest on one of the most beautiful beaches

The famous H2O Resort is located on the Turks and Caicos Islands. Bright bungalows, blooming hibiscus with pearly white beaches stretch to the horizon, and the waves invite you to swim! Swim, dive, and discover all the secrets of the secret Caribbean Sea. Relax on the warm sand with a cool refreshing cocktail and eliminate all your worries and problems. Turks and Caicos is the common name for 40 islands located in the Atlantic, southeast of the Bahamas.

The UK administers the territory, but the islands are not part of it. Providenciales is a popular tourist destination, and tourists who love a secluded and relaxing holiday can stay on any neighboring resort islands. They are uninhabited, but many beaches, hotels, and rentals exist. Unfortunately, there are no exciting monuments and attractions in Turks and Caicos – people come here for an unforgettable beach holiday, surfing, and diving near the largest coral reef in the Caribbean. There are many predatory and poisonous inhabitants in the local waters, but swimming on the beaches is safe, do not be afraid – they are all located in areas securely closed by reefs.


Providenciales is the main tourist center of the islands. There are no large settlements on the island, and the island’s business center is an accumulation of small villages located around the Ludington International Airport. Everything else is impressive resorts and beaches, which are the island’s main attractions. Noteworthy are the marinas of Leeward Marina and Sapodilla Bay, a 19-kilometer long beach, the Turks Reef Resort Casino and Resort in Grace Bay, the beautiful Sam Beach, the ruins of old plantations on Richmond Hill, the mysterious underwater cave Hola Long Bay, the world’s only farm to grow endangered giant seashells (“strombus gigas”) Caicos Conch Farm, as well as tens of kilometers of coral reefs stretching along the very coast of the island.

Western Caicos

The small uninhabited island of Western Caicos is located approximately 7 kilometers southwest of Providenciales. The island’s east coast is famous for its beaches, which are considered among the best in the archipelago. The west coast is covered with low limestone cliffs, which, due to solid erosion, form a jagged ridge that separates a whole series of small sandy bays and tiny beaches from the central part of the island. Until the end of the 19th century, Western Caicos was a salt mining and sisal growing area, so numerous ruins of village farms, old stone buildings, and even the remains of a railway have survived. Currently, the island is a small ecological resort. The most interesting here is the Molasses Reef reef surrounding almost the entire island with the remains of shipwrecks of 1509, the Western Caicos Marine National Park, which protects the reefs that stretch along the edge of the Caicos Bank, the Elephant Air underwater canyon, the Katherine Lake reserve, protecting pink flamingos, ducks and others waterfowl.

The cuisine of the Turks and Caicos Islands

Authentic cuisine has not been preserved to this day; here, they prefer a mix of the culinary traditions of Britain and Spain. The locals prefer gourmet seafood delicacies to meat dishes. As a rule, they are served with rice, peas, or corn as a side dish. One of the most popular island dishes is Grits (a mixture of fresh seafood, smoked fish, vegetables, and poultry mixed with thin pea porridge). Baked fish stuffed with corn, thick clam chowder, and the famous Whelk fish soup will please vacationers with an unusual taste. Tourists who love sweet delicacies can expect ripe citrus fruits and juicy coconuts on the islands. The famous non-alcoholic drink of the Turks and Caicos Islands is tea brewed in the traditional British style: with milk or cream. From alcoholic products on the islands, they produce rum Bambarra Rum, named after the colony in the Middle Caicos, and rum punch with coconut rum. Tourists will love the sweet Grenadine syrup.

Souvenirs and items to buy in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Souvenirs made of shells of different sizes and shapes from the shellfish farm are sold throughout the islands. On a trip to the islands, tourists bring paintings painted in watercolor, oil, and acrylic. Vacationers will find engravings and exquisite wooden souvenirs in the art gallery and small shops. Jewelry, rings, and necklaces made from rare shells and pearls can be purchased by guests of the islands in the shops of Providenciales and Grand Turk. Straw souvenirs, wicker baskets, bags, bowls, and hats can be bought on all islands.

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