Flipkart Offer a New Leave Policy for Employees Greater Flexibility

Flipkart has came up with their new policy, which will give better and greater flexibility to the workers of flipkart. In the past few days, the $11billion e-commerce giant, Flipkart is not only trending on all the social media sites, but is also getting a lot of positive attention for the numerous employee friendly initiatives it has come up with.

After the announcement of the new Maternity Policy, which entitles a mother for a 6-month paid leave, an extended 1 year leave (career break without pay), reimbursement and other benefits, the company announced its new Adoption policy on Monday. Under this policy, employees are eligible for paid adoption leave and Rs 50,000 adoption allowance to use towards legal, agency and regulatory costs or any other costs that may arise during the adoption process.

Flipkart Offer a New Leave Policy for Employees Greater Flexibility

Flipkart Offer a New Leave Policy for Employees Greater Flexibility

Under the new policy, employees will be able to take one to six months’ unpaid time away from work as a career break. “This is to allow employees the chance to balance their careers with other commitments, responsibilities and interests, and will be applicable for those who have spent a minimum of two years with us,” said Mekin Maheshwari, chief people officer. Marriage leave has also been rolled out, and five days will be available for employees to free up their time for wedding ceremonies.

Giving employees the option to take time away from work allows a “better psychological fitment”. “Employees need flexibility, which is the major trend of the future,” he said. “Such policies go a long way in giving employees precisely that.”



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