Delhi Flood Live Updates: Yamuna continues to swell, Delhi and Haryana on alert

Delhi Flood Live Updates: Yamuna continues to swell, Delhi and Haryana on alert: Delhi has been on a high flood alert as river Yamuna is close to cross the danger mark. In Haryana, there is total of 4 lakh 30 thousand 817 cusec water which has been released from the Hathini Kund barrage that has now leading to raise the water level of Yamuna, which is by this time flowing at a dangerous level. Hours after the CM Kejriwal’s statement, the Yamuna crossed the danger-mark of 205.33 metre in Delhi and officials said they expected it to reach 207m – a level last seen in 2013 when the Yamuna’s flooding swept away hundreds of homes and farmlands on the banks.


  • Yamuna was flowing at 205.36 metres, just above the danger mark of 205.33 metres
  • The water level is expected to rise further as Haryana released 1.43 lakh cusec water
  • Kejriwal said efforts have been made to evacuate people living in low-lying areas along the river
  • Yamuna is flowing above the danger mark in Delhi
  • At 9 pm on Tuesday the river was flowing at 206.40 metres
  • People living in low-lying areas in Delhi and Haryana are at risk

As the Yamuna river has reached close to the danger mark, the authorities had issued advisory to take appropriate measures in order to avoid a flood-like situation, as the river level is expected to rise further more.

As per to an official, Yamuna water level has reached 203.27 metres, which is slightly below the warning level of 204.5 metres.

A high alert has been announced in the Yamuna Nagar administration after the release of water. After the water entered the houses of locals living in the area, the catchment area has been evacuated immediately.

The non-stop rain in the Yamuna catchment area has only added more to the already rising water levels.

From the beginning of the month of August, heavy rainfall has been observed in many parts of the country, particularly in the national capital. Delhi in fact observed light to moderate rains even on Sunday morning. On Saturday, from 8: 30 am to 5: 30 pm the capital has received 1.4 mm rainfall.  At present, the temperatures are being recorded close to 26 degree Celsius.

After receiving light to moderate rainfall intermittently all through the day on Saturday, the rain in national capital continued even on Sunday morning. The Yamuna Nagar administration has issued an alert till Delhi.

An official said in a statement, “We have been closely monitoring the water level of Yamuna. Preparations are being made to deal with flood-like situation,”

Last year, in the month of July, traffic movement on Old Yamuna Bridge in Delhi had been shut down for a few days after the water level break through the danger mark. The water level of Yamuna had reached 205.5 metres previous year.

In the meantime, in the last 24 hours Himachal Pradesh also received heavy to extremely heavy rainfall till Sunday morning, said Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

Naina Devi in Bilaspur district of Himachal recorded 360 mm of rainfall, which is the highest in the state from the last two days.

Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan too received heavy rainfall due to which several rivers and dams are overflowing due to incessant rainfall in Rajasthan as well as an alert has been sounded in various districts of Punjab after the excess water has been released from Bhakra dam after heavy rainfall in its catchment area.