Flying car No More Dreams May Launch in 2017

Hello every one have you ever dream, you too flying you car, if really you did then good news for you all because Flying car will no longer dream from every one. It will no longer a hypothetical dream for us to drive and fly car. In future you can drive your car and even if fly it when needed the most. Your traffic problems will be in in your dreams only. Scroll below to know from when this car available for Common man and its feature.

Flying car No More Dreams May Launch in 2017

Flying car May be available from Year 2017 

Believing in an idea whose time has come in an age of increasing traffic jams, the Slovakia-based makers of a flying car have unveiled their latest model at a technology festival, promising to have a model available for purchase by 2017, told Hindustan Times.

lovakian company AeroMobil this week put its flying car on display at the South by Southwest Interactive conference. The two-seater vehicle runs on standard gasoline and can operate on both the highway and in the air, taking off from a grass or pavement runway of 300 meters or less, tolds voanews.

AeroMobil says its vehicle is designed to increase efficiency on what it calls “medium distance” trips – around 650 kilometers – where travel to and from the airport greatly lengthens the time it takes to make a relatively short flight, told Voa news.

Twenty years in development, the latest 3.0 prototype can reach 124mph in the skies and 99mph on the motorway. It’s built from carbon-coated steel and there are two seats if you want to take a friend along with you. As a car, it’s slightly longer and slight narrower than the average hatchback.

The cost hasn’t yet been set but Aeromobil says you can expect to pay several hundred thousand dollars for one of these once they go on sale in just two short years. The flying car is intended for short-haul journeys of 400-500 miles (so you can’t cross the Atlantic just yet), told in.techradar

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Flying car No More Dreams May Launch in 2017


Flying car No More Dreams May Launch in 2017

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