From Next Year The JEE Advanced Exam Will Go Online

The Joint Entrance Examination or JEE (Advanced) is all set to go online from the very next year of 2018, and also now it declares that the IIT Joint Admission Board (JAB) on last Sunday. So the fresh news is saying that from next year the JEE Advanced Exam is all set to go online.

The Joint Entrance Examination or JEE (Advanced) will start in next year so this is now making the news. The decision to conduct JEE exam online was declared as per announced with some errors witnessed in this year’s questions papers, stated by the officials.

The officials’ portal said that in this online test, there will be no chances of mistakes witness by the candidates.

On previous year, when the exam was conducted and coordinated students got 18 marks bonus due to some mistakes and in the printing and translation of the question paper this will be visible. The official information’s stated that in such situations can also be turned away when the exam will already end or conducted and this report is coming from the media house Times of India.

JEE Advanced Exam Will Go Online

“The online version of the test will be surely very accurate and logical. It will be looked after the security issues as there is no scope that the question paper can leak,” a senior official of the human resource development (HRD) ministry stated.

The JAB members’ post their meeting on Sunday stated that they are fairly positive about the online test for JEE Advanced because this test is having a greater precision and transparency in the test.

Furthermore, entrants appearing for the exam are going to have an option of taking the exam either online or they can also give exam by written format of the JEE (Mains) so that this can be qualifying for the JEE Advanced test.

One of the JAB members announced that in this online test, a student can go back to change their answers. Though, they aren’t sure if they can arrange enough computers by which the online test can be conducted co ordinate.

He said also that now more than two lakh students take the JEE Advanced exams in one sitting.

This year, 1.5 lakh candidates have appeared for the JEE Advanced exams. The admission process was put on hold for now post a group of students pointed out and stated about some mistakes.

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