Latest News: Goa Online flesh trade racket busted; 3 arrested

Latest News: Goa Online flesh trade racket busted; 3 arrested :- It was the dark night when Goa police arrested a prostitution racket online as well as arrested three people near Calangute beach in North Goa yesterday. It’s quite normal now, these cases are seen almost every day. Police file reports and later closes the file. Many cases from last year are still beneath the bench.

According to goa citizens, police officials are closing their eyes off from duty. They only go through some files to show they are not sleeping. Citizens claim against goa police. People don’t want to let their hope die. Last week a report was filed near Baga beach and goa police kept that file under the desk.

Goa: Online flesh trade racket busted; 3 arrested

On behalf of various public views, Police arrested the group including three men aged around 27 and one women for running online racket by the website as well as rescued three women, a police official said this morning. Later that night, When asked to the racket group- “We are here online for 4 years but now that you have found us. We won’t be stopped, as there are many racket groups online.”

One of a Police officer said- “We just reported to the court and waiting for the judge response. But I assure to the public that these will be punished for long and further investigation is on for more racket online. One day Goa will be free from all this. We spread our team in various sections from Baga to Calangute beach and in other areas. No need to panic.”

Police also said that- Rescued women have been sent to official houses for protection and the futher investigation is on. If anyone sees some harm near Calangute or any other area just contact emergency helpline number and our team will report on time.” Stay tuned for further reports and updates and keep visiting the page for live reports.

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