Guess whom Deepika Padukone Finds as a brother this Raksha Bandhan

Guess whom Deepika Padukone Finds as a brother this Raksha Bandhan : The gorgeous lady Deepika not just only find her beau a while ago but also find a brother this Rakhi which makes her an idol for all those girls who doesn’t have a brother. We all celebrated Rakhi 2 days ago and Deepika too celebrated this year. She decided to tie rakhi to his bodyguard Jalal who is now not just a bodyguard of him but also her Rakhi brother.


Jalal is the one who guards her and follows her wherever she goes, he is in her service all the time and he is just like her shadow. He actually does all the things to protect Dippy as a brother does for her sister to protect her so, DP decided to make him, her Rakhi brother.

Recently, the lady makes it a point to acknowledgement and praised the hard work of Jalal that he do as to guarantee her protection.

The sources near the development said,

“There have been times when Jalal has gone out of his way to avoid any mishap,”

“Jalal, who has been working with the actor for two years, is called Deepika’s ‘one-man army’ by her team members. “Deepika thought this was the best day to show him that she understands the efforts he puts into protecting her,”

The Piku actress also holds Jalal as a part of her family, As we all know she doesn’t stay with her parents Prakash Padukone and Ujjala Padukone as they live in Bangalore with her younger sister Anisha Padukone. So she feels homesick and now she finds a brother to officially be with her as a family.

As Deepika hasn’t reacted to the news yet and media is trying to reach her.

On the work front, Mastani is completely busy with her packed schedule for SLB’s Padmavati and SRK’s upcoming. We adore her for this move, she is really a down to earth personality.