Gujarat Elections Results 2017: Live Twitter Update, Tweets – Assembly Election Today

The state Gujarat is all set to see the result of the much-awaited Elections which is touted as the Gujarat Elections.

Gujarat Elections is seeing the battle of some political parties like, BJP, Congress and each party are confident of victory ahead of the votes count.

Considering counting of the votes in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat on this Monday, both the Congress party and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is self-confidence of the mass and they also discuss possible scenarios post the results are going to see its declaration, this will be also yet to deliver in the politically important state of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat.

As per prediction regarding the exit polls of the Elections’ of 2017, so it can be being witness a comfortable victory for the BJP as it seems like BJP is going ahead in terms of winning the elections.

In this election, there is 182-member Gujarat assembly and the Congress maintain and said that the result can be “surprising” for pollsters.

Gujarat Elections Results 2017 Live


In Gujarat, the BJP can deal with the election and this will be the witness in the office, of the swanky mall.

On the outskirts of Gandhinagar, the meeting held where each polling agents and candidates where.

The Congress leaders actually accused of interferes with the electronic voting machines (EVMs), Vijay Rupani, the chief minister; consider it as the signal of their imminent defeat.


Rupani has previously said that the BJP is all set to win the 150 seats, this is the same target set by Amit Shah, the party president.

The BJP party began preparations for celebrations in the city Delhi for the preparing sweets so that they can distribute these sweets among the party workers for their ultimate win.

The party BJP also stocking crackers and the celebration of the victory is all set to take place on this Monday. On last
Sunday, Amit Shah already held a meeting with the office-bearers.

In the meantime, Congress president, Rahul Gandhi met party leaders who are engaged and involves for the campaign of an election, to seek their appraisal, particularly in view of the exit polls which can be predicted an immense win for the ruling BJP.

There can be agreement among the Congress leaders that their party can receive 105 and 110 seats and in the state, this can form the next government anyway.

Sources regarding the meeting have stated some crucial things for the leaders to express the concern over the “buzz on the ground” regarding the accused interferes with the EVMs, which is said to be adamant that if the Congress gets anything below 80 seats.

This party would be aggressively pushed for the use of ballot papers which can reflect in all future polls.

The further report said about this that the Congress campaign was led by Rahul Gandhi, in the front, keen to know why there was a “mismatch” between the party’s internal appraisal and assessment and the exit poll projections.

He said that the “pollsters predictions can be used as an alibi by the BJP to tamper” with EVMs.

The Dalit activist Jignesh Mevani and the young leader Hardik Patel were also in the fray.

Chhabildas Mehta and Alpesh Thakor are another leaders of the Gujarat Elections some buzz said that the city Ahmedabad can also have the party Congress and the party also held an assessment meeting which is attended by all candidates and most leaders were in the attendance anyway.

“We can win more than 120 seats. The BJP will be dealing with the Bihar and Delhi elections,” Bharatsinh Solanki, the Gujarat Congress president stated that rejection of the exit polls that have to envisage the party BJP for their comfortable win.

Prior to this outbreak of activities at the rival camps, Patidar leader Hardik Patel – spend his entire Sunday at Somnath temple in coastal Prabhas Patan town in Gir Somnath district. In spite the last Sunday he spent on being spiritual day reportedly he is now fighting in the elections.

It is really yet to know that Patel said on his official page of the micro-blogging site in series of his tweets, that the EVMs were hacked. “If human bodies created by God can be tampered with then why can there be no tampering with man-made EVMs!! If ATMs can be hacked into, then why not EVMs,” he tweeted on Sunday afternoon.

Hours before, he also tweeted that EVMs will be hacked into by an Ahmedabad-based firm. “An Ahmedabad-based company is preparing to hack into 5,000 EVMs through its source code using 140 software engineers,” tweeted the Patidar quota crusader, whose outfit Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) backed the Congress in the polls.

He already said as per reports that if EVMs would not be tampered with, “then the BJP will not get more than 82 seats”.

The Congress is reported is said to have stationed its workers so that they can see the strong rooms to make sure that no unauthorized person enters.

The deputed workers from BJP also keep an eye on the 33 counting centers in the whole state of Gujarat.

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