Haiti vs Peru Copa America 2016 Highlights Goal Videos Final Score

Haiti vs Peru Copa America 2016 Highlights Goal Videos Final Score :- The Copa America 2016 is underway and the USA fans have witnessed the two match so far, in which Colombia won by 2-0 over the host nation and the other match was a draw between Costa Rica and Paraguay.


Copa America 2016 Haiti vs Peru Match Highlights

The third match was between Haiti and Peru, which Peru won by 1-0. This match resulted in the Peru’s favour.

The result of this match was no surprise to the fans all over the Globe as the result was very much known before the match.

Peru team has a better bunch of players and were very much confident about their winning chances.

Although Haiti did their part to keep this match close but initially resulted on the losing side.

The Haiti was very much competitive in this match as Peru takes the 61st minute to score their winning goal.

Copa America 2016 Haiti vs Peru Goals Video

And it was also no surprise that goal came from the guy who was the highest goals scorer in the last two previous seasons of the Copa America. The man behind the winning goal in this match was none other than Paolo Guerrero.

The pairing of Guerrero  and Flores was brilliant for Peru in the first 45th minute and finally Guerrero got his chance and smashed the winning goal in the 61st minute to take his team to victory.

Although Haiti also had their chance to settle the score with Peru in the match. The moment came when notably miss the opportunity in the 94th minute of the match  before the final whistle.

The Substitute forward Kervens Belfort on a free kick made a run at goal unmarked, but finally ended in sending his header wide of the goal.

But now the question arise whether Haiti will overcome this loss and will manage to sustain his place in this year’s Copa America tournament.

Well, to be frank, now the way for Haiti in this tournament has become very tough, now this minor team has to face the heavy giants Brazil and Ecuador in its next two matches.

On the other side, Peru has grabbed three points and will definitely look to continue their momentum in its next two matches.

Meanwhile, Guerrero achieved a milestone in his very first match of this tournament . He is now the highest goal scorer for Peru in the Peru’s history.

This achievement will definitely help the team Peru and will give them some confidence in their next matches between Brazil and Ecuador.

This tournament is slowly getting interesting and fans are even started getting boosted up for the remainings matches of the tournament.

We have our close eyes on this tournament and we will keep bringing the news for our subscriber, so stay tuned for the further updates.