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Haryana Day is a local occasion conducted constantly on 1st November in the Indian state of Haryana. The day is celebrated to mark the settlement of the territory of Haryana which was carved out from the state of East Punjab on the basis linguistic standards on 1st November 1996.

Haryana Day 2022 Celebration

The Indian government set up a commission in April of 1966 to audit the current territory of East Punjab and to determine which portion of it should be involved in the new state of Haryana. The commission submitted their reports on May 1966 and their commendations were followed. After which Haryana state came into existence in 1st November 1996 but the city Chandigarh became a combined capital of both the sate Punjab as well as Haryana as recommended on the linguistic criteria.

Haryana Day Speech in english & Hindi

On this year 2022, the 55th Haryana day will be celebrated all over the state of Haryana on 1st November. Haryana’s 25 million residents put on many colourful and high-spirited celebrations in every Haryana Day occasion. Many events are conducted on this day and street goes wild with enthusiasm and much more to mark the occasion.

During this occasion cycle rallies or in other words cycle rally cum race is held from Chandigarh to Panchkula town. Many people and cycle riders participate actively and there is cheerfulness and joy all over the state. Haryana day occasion also marks the cooking competition commonly known as ‘Pakwan pratiyogita’, which is held at the tourist complexes. On Haryana Day festival, many other fun events take place for making the day more delightful. Blood donations camps are also held on this day and to make the day more entertaining, musical performances in the evening are also conducted that are held almost in all the multiplexes in Haryana.

For bringing joyful and beautiful sight, on this day all the state complexes and buildings are decorated and brightly lit up .For adding more flavour on this day various contests are held and people eagerly participate in all these contest, races and other events of celebration to show their enthusiasm for the ‘Haryana Day’ festival.

Haryana Day 2022 Quotes and Messages

“Life becomes festival when happiness and culture blends, may this day distributes the message of both.” Happy Haryana Day 2022

“The khaats, the hookas, the cattle’s, the milk, the paddy arenas and the bright festivals…. Yes, it is unbelievable Haryana”

“Some of the happiest moments are around the streets of our Haryana     Wishing you and your family Happy Haryana Day”

“Our culture belongs to the heart and soul of our people, let’s celebrate our day greatest ever”

“Fill your hearts with happiness and brighten your day with smiles and affection Happy Haryana Day 2022”

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