Hyderabad: a man lured a 7 years old girl by giving snacks and sexually assaulted her

Hyderabad: a man lured a 7 years old girl by giving snacks and sexually assaulted her :- Hyderabad: A man lured a seven-year-old girl by promising her to give snacks and chocolate and the sexually assaulted her at the Tandur Government Hospital. The inhuman incident occurred in Vikarabad district on Saturday.

On Saturday in the late night, the sanitary staff of the hospital found the girl and the suspect and immediately informed the police. The suspect managed to flee leaving the girl unconscious. Now, the minor girl is undergoing treatment and is critical.

Police said that the girl is a Class II student. She had lost her parents five years ago and was staying with her 60-year-old grandmother at Yalmakanne village in Vikarabad district.

The grandmother of the minor girl was ill and came to the Tandur Govt. Hospital. As her grandmother was waiting for her turn to meet the doctor, the man approached the girl and offered to buy her snacks.

Her grandmother thought that he had come with some other patient and agreed to sent the girl with him. Her grandmother waited till night for the girl and the suspect. But, the man did not come back. The woman got worried and approached the police.

Inspector – M Venkataramaiah said that around 12 midnight, sanitary staffers found the girl and the suspect in the bus station area and intercepted him. When they questioned him, he said the girl was his daughter and that he was working in a nearby polishing unit. When they asked him more questions he left the girl and fled.

Police shifted the girl to the Tandur Government Hospital where doctors confirmed that she was sexually assaulted by the man.

The victim minor girl is now in hospital. The sanitary staff said that the suspect is aged around 30. The inspector said that they are checking CCTV cameras near the bus station.

A rape case has been registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual offences Act.