If You Find The Woman Who Doesn’t Need You, Date Her Immediately

If You Find The Woman Who Doesn’t Need You, Date Her Immediately : Recently, one of my male friends was aghast when his girlfriend wanted to go on a holiday alone. “But why does she want to goalone? Doesn’t she want to be with me? Doesn’t she love me?!” I tried to explain it to him but the whole notion of a woman not needing a man seemed to go above his head. And sadly, he isn’t alone in this confused despair.

Woman Who Doesn’t Need You, Date Her Immediately

Woman Who Doesn’t Need You, Date Her Immediately

We’ve all grown up with the idea of a woman being the “damsel in distress”, who needs the man in her life to save her. But that concept is so dead right now! We are not living in the 19th century anymore, you know? Your girlfriend doesn’t need to be “saved”. You need to get rid of the notion that a woman needs you at every minute of every day. That is just not how it works, anymore.

And you know why that’s the biggest improvement in human history? Because she is already happy with herself. She is independent and knows how to be happy when she’s alone.

She’ll probably come up and ask you out on a date before you make a move. If you said no to her because “How can a girl make the first move?” then you’re a blithering idiot. She came up to you because she doesn’t believe that it is your job to come up to her. She came up to you because she believes in your combination and trusts her judgement about it.

This is the girl who trusts herself and knows how to deal with situations without depending on you. She will still value your opinions and take your advice and she’ll listen to you because what you think is important to her. If what you say goes down well with her, then she’ll even act on it.

When you meet a woman like her, you’ll realise that she isn’t the kind who likes to indulge in petty mind games. She won’t make you play “guess” because she doesn’t believe in wasting time. If she wants to be with you, she’ll tell you. She’s the good kind who won’t friend-zone you if she can’t turn you down. She’ll tell you exactly what’s on her mind. So you won’t need those mind-reading skills.

Isn’t that a relief?

This kind of woman that I’m talking about will not hesitate to ask you for help when she needs it. This woman knows when she can get completely sloshed and when she needs to go slow with her drinks. She wants to be independent and a separate individual with her own set of thoughts, values, friends, and life goals.

Jealousy won’t come easy to her. She isn’t going to fight with you just because you want to go for a boys’ night out or because you met that girl from school. She won’t stop you from going to a different country for that dream job that you’ve always wanted. Instead, she’ll encourage you and tell you take the risks that you’ve been afraid to take. Only because she believes in you and loves you for who you are as a person. In short, she doesn’t understand the point of being possessive.

Your looks, your bank balance, your educational qualifications, your family, your friends, your goals, that won’t be the reason she’ll love you. She’ll love you for who you are as a person and for whom she becomes when she is with you. It’s just as simple as that.

If she loves you, she’ll go that extra mile just to make you happy. Yes, she might not text you back immediately because of work but when you need her, she’ll be there for you. She’ll celebrate every small thing possible because she knows that those are the ones that actually matter. So, even if it’s just a small promotion that you got, she’ll make a big deal about it.

And, who doesn’t like feeling loved?

Yes, she might not tell you everything about her life from the moment go, but she won’t invade your privacy either. She knows how important that is no matter how much you love someone. And, when you do tell her something about your past, she won’t sit and judge you because she knows that shit happens with everyone.

She might snap at you if you offer to buy her something expensive she has always wanted, and she might refuse to let you drop her to the meeting, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you. She just doesn’t need you to do those things for because she’s got it in her to take care of herself. Smart, independent and strong – that’s just who she is. She’ll never need you to clean her mess.

But even then, after all of that, she WANTS you. She wants to be with you and spend her time with you. She wants you as her partner in crime. She’ll love you like nobody ever has and like nobody ever will. She’ll need you not for being her hero, but for being there with her and for loving her.

That’s all she wants. Or rather, that’s all she needs from you.

So, if you’ve found this girl, don’t let her go. And if you’re still waiting for her, it will be completely worth it.



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