India ranked world’s most dangerous nation for women

India ranked world’s most dangerous nation for women: The subcontinent India is declared as per a latest survey that a more dangerous country for women to live in compared to Yemen, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo?

All three ABOVE mentioned nations are ravaged by war and the people there face conflict, poverty and disease here. And yet, the Thomson Reuters Foundation poll of 548 experts on women’s issues declared post its found India to be the most dangerous nation globally for all women irrespective to their age.

The parameters is based on this perceptual survey which were indicates the access to health, sexual violence, non-sexual violence including domestic, physical and mental abuse, lack of access to economic resources, human trafficking and the continuation of cultural practices which is consists of the child marriage, genital mutilation and acid attacks, those are very common phenomenon in the India anyway.

The survey has met and received some mixed reaction from the public. While some women have express scepticism and fishy about this survey and some people or women consider this survey is result of the rising crime which are taking place against women, in the India.

“Violence against women in India has caused national and international outrage and protests since the 2012 gangrape and murder of a student on a bus in New Delhi,” the report said.

“As India’s rape epidemic gets worst by the year, critics have pointed fingers at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government for not doing enough to protect women.”