Indian Army Day 2020 Speech, Essay, Sayings, Status, Sms, Logo, Poems, Flag Pictures & Wallpapers

Indian Army Day 2020 Speech, Essay, Sayings, Status, Sms, Logo, Poems, Flag Pictures & Wallpapers : Army Day is celebrated every year in India on 15 January with great passion and interest. The observance of this day was started to honour and to bring gratitude to the Lieutenant General of India, K. M. Cariappa (Kodandera Madappa Cariappa). He was the first ever Indian Army’s Commander-in-Chief after the last British Commander-in-Chief of India, General Sir Francis Butcher, on 15 January 1949. K M Cariappa becomes the first Indian Army Officer in 1942, who was handed on to command a unit. 71st Army Day 2020 Quotes


Indian Army Day 2020 Sayings & Quotes

The day is celebrated every year by organizing army parades at all the Army Command headquarters as well as in national capital, New Delhi. The day also observes many other military shows.

No Agony, No Pain, Shall Make Me Cry
Soldier Was I Born
Soldier Shall I Die
I Live By Chance
Love By Choice
And Killer By Profession
We miss home
coz we save homes…
Jai Hind..
Happy Indian Army Day

Thank You for Serving Our Country and Protecting Our Freedoms!

Republic Day Army Shayari With Photos

“Without Heroes, We are all Plain People, and don’t Know How Far We can Go”.

Bravery is Daring to Try Where Others would Not.

हम भारतीय सेना पुरे दम ख़म से लड़ते है क्योंकि जंग में कोई दूसरा स्थान नहीं होता।

हम तिरंगे को लहरा कर आएंगे या फिर तिरंगे में लिपट कर आयंगे। – भारतीय सेना

अगर तुम हमारे घर में घुसने की कोशिश करोगे तो हम तुम्हारे घर में घुस के तुम्हे मारेंगे।

This year, the Indian Army Day is going to be celebrated on 15th January 2019, Tuesday and it will mark 71th anniversary of Indian Army Day. Indian Army Day also marks a day to respect the brave and courageous soldiers who sacrificed their lives to safeguard the nation and its inhabitants.

Indian Army Day 2020 Status for whatsapp & Facebook

We are safe because we have our Army keeping us protected each and every moment…. Salute to our Army and best wishes on Indian Army Day.

Let us celebrate Indian Army Day by saluting all the Army men for their bravery, dedication and patriotism. Happy Indian Army Day.


It is the love for the nation and people of the nation that inspires Indian Army to be such a strong and inspiring force…. Happy Indian Army Day.


Warriors are not born, They are made in the Indian army. Happy Indian Army Day.

Army Day sms & Wishes

As mentioned above that on this day various parades and many other military shows are held at National Capital as well as all the Army Command headquarters. This year too, the concept will be same but what’s different in this year is that, for the first time ever a woman officer will lead an Army contingent on Army Day parade. The first lady officer leading a contingent will be Lt. Bhawana Kasturi. She will be leading a contingent consist of 144 male officers.

May God have mercy on our enemies, because we won’t. Happy Indian Army Day.


Born to fight, trained to kill, Prepared to die, but never will. Happy Indian Army Day.


A country can be free if it has men guarding it with love for the nation in their hearts…. Best wishes on Indian Army Day.


On the occasion of Indian Army Day, let us thank the Indian Army to their dedication and protection.

Whereas not only one woman officer is going to lead but also Captain Shikha Surabhi will lead the ‘Daredevil Team’ of Indian Army involving 33 men executing daredevil stunts acts in the Army Day parade.

The ‘Daredevil Team’ of Indian Army also holds various world records one of them is Guinness World Record and in total they hold 24 world records. They are also going to perform on the Republic Day Parade 2019 at Rajpath.

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On the occasion of Army Day 2019, Indian Army has also planned to organise various competition events such as slogan writing, video making, painting and photography. The top entries will be presented and highlighted on the Indian Army Facebook Page and will also be presented with prize money.

Facts about Indian Army

Here are some interesting facts about Indian Army which every Indian should know and to be proud of.

  • The Indian Army is the second largest Army in the world.
  • Indian Army has around 1,129,900 active troops and 960,000 backup troops.
  • The Indian Army holds the World Record for accepting the largest military surrender in 1971 Indo-Pak war when Pakistan Army comprising of 93,000 soldiers admit their defeat.
  • The Siachen Glacier which is the world’s uppermost battleground and is at 5000 metres above the sea level is watched over and protected by the Indian Army.
  • Indian Army never in the history initiated any war with any nation or involved in any kind of military
  • Indian Army built the world’s highest bridge known as ‘The Bailey Bridge’ on August 1982, in Ladakh valley in the middle of Suru and Dras rivers.
  • Indian Army with the help of Indian Air Force carried out the one of the biggest civilian rescue operation known as ‘Operation Rahat’ in the year 2013.
  • The Dehradun’s Indian Military Academy and Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School of Mizoram also give training to the foreign armies such as UK, US and Russia.