Indian Skipper: ‘You Tell me The Best XI’ Snaps at Reporter after being Quizzed over Team Selection

The India skipper Virat Kohli, post losing the second Test against South Africa is all set to test first Test series defeat as captain, and today he lost his cool at the period of a fiery after this match media session he lashed out at scribe’s post getting irritated by their questions.

When the reporter asked the player Virat Kohli regarding the fielding issue, Kohli said it is the best possible playing XI and his team’s overseas record, Kohli was tough in his best form.

“What is the best 11?” snapped Kohli when asked if India played the best combination in “sub-continental” conditions at Centurion.

“If we had won this, was this the best 11? We don’t decide the 11 according to results. You are telling me that you could have played the best 11. You tell me the best 11 and we will play that,” the skipper went on.

When questioned was being asked regarding the trend of fielding different teams in all the Test matches under him and whether the team loses the game as he was too much chopping and changing.

“How many Test matches have we won out of 34? How many have we won? How many have we won? 21 wins (20 actually). Two losses. How many draws? Does it matter? Wherever we play we try to do our best. I’m here to answer your questions, not to fight with you,” he countered and said regarding this.

India is ranked number one but after lost of the match, does Kohli believe they still are the best?

“Look, we have to believe that we are the best side. Even when we came here, if you don’t have the belief that you can win the series here, there is no point coming here.

“We have not come here just to participate. And answering your question, how many times did South Africa come into the game in India?” he added further.

Kohli also said he backs the XI which is being picked to do the job as India played Rohit Sharma over Ajinkya Rahane in the two games and this is also turning to be surprising selection calls as well as anyway.

“I am saying the loss obviously hurts but you make one decision to go back anyway. We don’t sit here and say if you will fail in one game, you are not good enough to beat this level. Didn’t we lose in India when we had the best 11 there?”

“Whoever is picked should be good enough to do the job for the team. That is why we have got such a big squad. They are good enough to beat this level but you need to do that collectively as a team. You can’t pinpoint and say which the best 11 is. We have played with teams in the past which have looked really strong and lost,” said Kohli further.

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