International Youth Day: How Indian Youth is getting Mental Problems

International Youth Day: How Indian Youth is getting Mental Problems: “Youth is the future of any nation but what if your future is lost in darkness.” You all may know that this above-mentioned sentence can be the worst nightmare of any nation and probably no one wanted to see this type of condition. As per the reports, our young generation is getting diverted towards various new and old problems which may seem not harmful, but they can hurt any nation for sure. This year in International Youth Day which is celebrated by the whole world today on 12th August 2018 is dedicated to the mental problems of any young adult or teenager.

International Youth Day 2018

If we talk about India then we can say that as per census 2011, there are 364.66 million youngsters in the 10-24 age groups are living in our country. You all should know that they all aren’t healthy at all, some of them are going through the mental problems, some of them are doing suicide or thinking about it, some of them are lonely, anxious or depressed and, some of them are being the victim of their parents, society, and friends. We need to understand them, help them maybe encourage them, or talk to them.

You all should know that 30 percent of the total population in our country is young which means that we are the biggest youngest nation in the world. You all may know that these all young people may look healthy but they are seeking for help in various problems. Some of you may know that in 2013, 62,960 young people died by suicide, now this data is not decreased and we expect that it is going to be increased in numbers because much more people are getting depressed and mental problems in India, the main problem is nobody understands them.

Also, the new generation is also known as the Computer, Tech or Online generation and these things are increasing the problems. You all should know that a research confirmed that “Facebook & other Social Networking sites are increasing the mental problems and pushing the young generation towards them.” Now, you all need to understand that these sites are here to help you but we are being obsessed with them, addicted to them or being depressed because of them.

We are using our phone way too much and that is also the reason for mental illness. You’ll shock if I’ll tell you that, getting lower Likes then your friends on FacebooK DP or not getting a comment on your post is also can make any youngsters or teenager depressed. Well, you need to talk to your parents and parents should play friends role. Also, the less use of your phone with your family, a friend can help you a lot. Instead of talking online to someone, talk to your parents, family and friends face to face.