Internet Freedom Is Now In Danger : COIA TRAI Telecom Operators Deal

Hey friends!!! Today here in this awesome article we provide you complete details of New Internet policies. TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has invited current recommendations on its consultation paper (pdf) concerning Net Neutrality and Telecom Regulations in India. This paper is meant to decide the very manner in which we access the Internet, what we access and threatens the startup movement in India. In the current form, there is a proposal to put Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and even Utility Services like Ola Cabs etc under licensing regime. Now below get complete details regarding Internet Licensing and Net Neutrality.

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Internet Licensing & Net Neutrality Details

At Headstart, as an Startup ecosystem enabler, we firmly believe that such a licensing will discourage innovation in India because all the Internet Mobile Companies ride on the Data backbone created by the Telecom Operators. We believe Telecom operators should play fair to all the kind of services that use the data they are providing.

Nikhil Pahwa from Medianama and few others have volunteered to create an editable shortened version of TRAI’s consultation paper and Net Neutrality and how it affects Startups is summarized in a FAQ document.

In a nutshell, this has a DO or DIE impact on Indian Startups. We request all Startups to contribute to this and post their recommendations to TRAI.

TRAI has posed 20 questions regarding Net Neutrality and regulation of OTTs. The questions can be found on pages 113 to 116 of the official consultation paper at TRAI Consultation. The answers can be sent in an email to [email protected] by 24th April, 2015.

TRAI : Don’t allow differential pricing of services on the Internet & let the consumers choose how they want to use Internet. #netneutrality.

COIA TRAI Telecom Operators Deal Debate HD Video

FAQs: Internet Licensing and Net Neutrality
This article will help you to frame the answers : Sample answers to TRAI questions

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You can view the paper:

On Google Docs. Please share it with others, and leave tips for adding more info or making it simpler.
– Download and read the MS Word version or a PDF version.

Forward it to people who need to know about this, especially startup founders and VCs.

Source : Medianama.com & Headstart.in

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