Is Sylvester Stallone is Really Dead? He’s Still punching! Finally Shuts Down Rumours

Is Sylvester Stallone is Really Dead? He’s Still punching! Finally Shuts Down Rumours: – Well, if you are here then probably because of the news you heard about your favorite bodybuilder actor Sylvester Stallone’s death. Well, we would not like to make this more suspense as it is clear that it is a very fake rumor. Even, Sylvester Stallone himself talked about it on twitter and said that he is fit and fine doing what he loves to do most. Now, the question is when this type of rumors starts spreading and why?

Is Sylvester Stallone is Really Dead

This whole thing started on the Internet and a people started talking about bizarre hoax claiming Sylvester Stallone has died. Overall, this is really sick because it really made fans shocked and so many of them felt emotional about it. Even, actors’ brother slammed and said ‘sick and cruel’ trolls who spread the rumor. You all should remember that before today in 2016 fake news also spread like it where US news site CNN claimed that the Rocky actor had been found dead at his LA home and even that was being shared on Facebook.



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Overall, the best thing which happened today was few fans knew that it was fake and they already shared their thoughts about this on twitter and said that stop spreading fake news. Overall, this is great news that our favorite actor is fit and fine. The actor’s brother shared that ‘what kind of sick demented cruel mind thinks of things like this to post? People like this are mentally deranged and don’t deserve a place in society’.

Overall, his brother also reacted with video and said, ‘Sly death a total hoax, not funny not cool’ and said ‘I made this video to dispel the rumors that my brother Sylvester is dead. That is so ridiculous, demented.’ We don’t think that these types of things are really great and we aren’t in favor of it. We think people should share something after knowing that it is true or fake.