Priyanka gets tensed! Ishqbaaz 22nd October 2016 Written Updates Episode

Star Plus most wonderful exciting show, Ishqbaaz looks like a fabulously interesting program, which gives the extensive voltage potential that reaches to the Ishqbaaz fans.


Ishqbaaz 22nd October 2016 Written Update

The fabulous TV series Ishqbaaz especially made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never finished dilemma way and assuredly, the extraordinary crux of the show is to showcase in the popular episodes that, Priyanka (Subha Rajput) hurries to Om (Kunal Jaisingh) and says there is the enormous issue. Om asks what happened, why are you stressed. She demonstrates to him some drawing. Om gets stunned. She says whatever happened that night, somebody has seen it.

If this turns out, it will be the enormous issue. He asks where did you get this artistic creation. She says it was in our letter box in my name, it implies there is somebody who knows the truth. She gets excessively strained.
Where In the most recent scene, Rudra holes up behind Chubby and says I wish Rumi did not come to school today. He sees Rumi and says I think my supplications went in Lord’s spam mail. He covers up. Round says why are you playing find the stowaway.

Rumi welcomes Chubby and goes. Rudra gets eased and says did you see my acting get terrified, I will give you party, go and get snacks. Rumi comes to Rudra and welcomes him as Kishan Kanhaiyya.

Rudra asks who. She says you, you are wicked to escape me, my Divya Drishti will discover you. He inquires as to why. She says you are my Rudra Dev, we finish each other.

He says Sampurn, goodness. She says we both will run this world. He says yes. She says our names will be taken together Rudra Rumi. He tells like Jatin Lalit, and Vishal-Shekhar, also OmRu.

She tells no, as Radha Krishna, and Shiv Parvati. He stresses and makes crying face. Shivaye goes to Ranveer and asks what are you doing here. Ranveer says I came being pulled by your adoration, you are a rich man, possibly you overlooked.

Yet Gayatri’s murder case and police question you didn’t get over. Shivaye says in the event that you went ahead authority examination, converse with my legal advisor to start with, on the off chance that you came simply like that then I don’t care for outsiders coming in my home.

Ranveer says you got irritated Mr. Oberoi. He salutes Anika and says you gave a proclamation for Shivaye and landed position back.

Shivaye says mind your tongue ACP, on the off chance that you say a word to her, you will see what I can do.

Ranveer says chill, why are you getting furious, I was simply asking, I need to say, you are world’s best manager, else who gets irate for a customary representative.

Shivaye says I don’t have sufficient energy to squander, do you know the approach to exit or might I say, Ranveer says I know, however, I will return regardless of the possibility that you call me or not.

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