Its really funny: Jimmy Kimmel troll Donald Trump’s ‘Ab ki baar Trump sarkaar’

Its really funny: Jimmy Kimmel troll Donald Trump’s ‘Ab ki baar Trump sarkaar’ : The Donald Trump has now come on the list of most controversial people across the Globe thanks to his controversial words for the women. However, the Republican presidential candidate is the extremely kind to the Indian-American voters to ask them for the vote.And, this forced the as

Jimmy Kimmel to take a dig at the Donald Trump as posted the new video where he acts like Trump asking Indians for the vote. The video features a response to Trump’s borrowing of Indian PM Modi’s ‘Ab ki baar Modi sarkar’ slogan while asking people do they understand what Donald Trump said.


Meanwhile, the outcome of this video revealed that most of the Indians are not aware of the Slogan “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar,” obviously as they don’t know about basic English and also they don’t know that this slogan belongs to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

However, this video was just a funny humor. One person said ” “That’s not Hindi,” and another man said ” His accent was very funny,”

Another man asked him for his own transaction of his own word “With my orange face, I will rule the world.” One man said ” most of numbers of girls did not understand it and even find it difficult to understand. Obviously, they grown up in America and not aware of Modi’s slogan.

Well, the Indian-American is not getting the Trump’s new slogan to inspire Indians to vote him. Trump has now to bring the new sword to aspire Indians to vote him.