Japan Marks The 71st Anniversary Of Hiroshima U.S Atomic Bombing

Today, Japan is marking the 71st anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bombing. Mayor Kazumi Matsui urged world leaders to follow the footsteps of President of USA Barack Obama and visit, and ultimately free the world from nuclear arms.

Japan Marks The 71st Anniversary Of Hiroshima

Over 50,000 participants, including dignitaries and aging survivors, held a moment of silence at a memorial ceremony in the western Japanese city, Hiroshima.

On 6th August, 1945, The United States dropped the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima killing thousands of people instantly. About 1,40,000 people dead by the end of the year 1945.

Japan Marks The 71st Anniversary Of Hiroshima

At the ceremony, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abepledged his determination to work toward a world free of nuclear weapons.

In May, US President Obama paid tribute to 1,40,000 people killed by the first atomic bomb attack of the world. It was dropped by the US to force Japan’s capitulation in World War II. Another atomic bombing just three days after Hiroshima killed more than 70,000 people in Nagasaki, Japan on 9th August 1945.

Japan Marks The 71st Anniversary Of Hiroshima

This year, US President Obama became the first incumbent US President to visit Hiroshima. He requested nuclear powers, including his own, to have the courage to escape the logic of fear and pursue a world without nuclear arms.

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