Jigar Shouts at Gopi! Sath Nibhana Sathiya 24th July Today Episode Written Updates

The show starts with Meera giving the sum of Rs. 20,00 to Naiya and told her that it is her way to thank her as she has taken the signature of Shravan’s on the adoption paper and now she only need the signature of Vidya to adopt the Priyal.


Sath Nibhana Sathiya Episode Written Updates

On the other side, Gopi was busy in working on her Patola sarees and asked Sona to take some rest. Meanwhile, she saw that Premila was taking out the old pictures of Ahem.

Gopi tries to stop her and asked her to not throw his late husband’s photo. But Premila told her that old thing must be throw out of the house to give new looks to Ahem’s room.

Jigar came down and shouted at everyone. Premila tries to slap Gopi but Kokila came there and stopped Premila from slapping her daughter in law.

Gopi leaves from there and Kokila told Premila that she has no right to slap Gopi as she has not done any misbehaves with her.

But Premeila replied her that Gopi does not respect her. Then, Urmila interrupts and says that Gopi is in too much pain and she is missing the Ahem.
then, Gopi was seen crying with Ahem’s photo in her room. On the other side, Naiya was seen giving Rs. 50,000 to his driver boyfriend Prakash and asked him to buy something for him.

Prakash returned Rs. 20,000 and asked Naiya to purchase anything from that. Then, he tries to kiss her but she denied.

Then, Kokila was seen nursing Gopi’s hand and Gopi apologizes to her and asked her to forgive her but Kokila told her that she has done nothing and she doesn’t need to apologize.

Then, Premila came there and apologizes to Gopi for being harsh with her. Also, Sahir came her and took the broken photos for framing.

On the other side, Meera takes a bouget and Card and asked Vidya to sign it, as their mother as now became a corporate woman and she now wants to greet him. Vidya signed that paper and wanted to check that but Meera refuses.

Later, Meera told the Naiya to hand over these adoption paper to Modi Bhawan.

Then, a banker comes at Modi Bhawan and told them that loan has been approved but they want Gopi to be the guarantor keeping in mind the Jigar’s record.

But Gopi denied for this as she is doing a business, so she can’t be a guarantor for anyone else.


Jigar will be seen shouting at the Gopi and will ask her to get out of the house. Premila watches all these and will be seen telling everyone that if Jigar will continue to do so, so she take Gopi to her house.

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