J&K Three Students Arrested for not standing for National Anthem in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: As per the reports three young men are arrested in Hyderabad because they didn’t stand up during the National Anthem. Sources are saying that three young men from Jammu and Kashmir were arrested by the Rajendranagar police, who didn’t stand up when the national anthem was played on cinema hall on Saturday.

J&K Three Students Arrested for not standing for National Anthem

Sources are saying that the three students have apparently denied the charge. Jameel Gul, Omer Faiz Luney, and Mudassir Shabbir, from Baramulla in J&K and they all students are right now pursuing their engineering at a college in Chevelle. Also, the police are saying that they are investigating the whole case and if they all didn’t stand up then the important legal action would be taken by the department.

J&K Three Students Arrested in Hyderabad

Well, according to P.V. Padmaja, Deputy Commissioner of Police P, Shamshabad zone, the three youngsters were at the CinePolis: Mantra mall to watch the 3.50 pm show of the Hindi movie Bareilly Ki Barfi. As you all know that government made a rule that before the beginning of the show the National Anthem is played. So, the national anthem played but these three men didn’t stand up and that’s why police arrested them.

Also, the sources are saying that The Rajendranagar police received a complaint later in the evening from the management of the Mall. Also, after that, the police registered a case against the three men under Section 2 of the Prevention of Insult to National Honour Act. Let, see where this case goes because for now these three men are arrested

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