Kalki Koechlin was groped by mob after National Award Ceremony

Kalki Koechlin was groped by mob after National Award Ceremony : Well, like you all know that on Tuesday Kalki Koechlin get the special jury award for her performance in “Margarita With A Straw” and she is looking damn good on the red carpet. This award function held on Delhi and this is the 63rd national award and like I told you she is looking good during the Award.


But according to sources this actress got trap between mob all of sudden because of the lake security problem and suddenly these awards turn into in worst day for her but somehow she did manage and get through it well happened was not that good for the actress but that’s the truth.

Well, what happened exactly is that “after the wrapped of award Kalki came out from the place and started walking towards to her car through the Vigyaan Bhavan but somehow the whole Security and other person covered Amitabh Bachchan and Kangana to escort and they forgot about Kalki and she got covered by the Mob outside the Vigyaan Bhawan than few Media person also went there.

Things got worse when these people started talking to her and she got trapped sources saying that she was shocked and didn’t understand what happened exactly than some senior officers came their and help her to reach her car through the crowd. Well, sources didn’t saying that what she said and done that time because that is not clear but few people saying that she got offended and angry.

Well, the National award function started good for this actress but it didn’t wrapped up that good also she was looking so good and I think she deserved that award but that also shows that Security team did a big mistake through this also I think Kalki has to wait until Security took her to the car.