Kerala: 5 Year Old IQ princess Isra Habeeb steals the show

Kerala: 5 Year Old IQ princess Isra Habeeb steals the show :- Isra Habeeb is an extraordinary child, Who only five years old and shows her talent in front of the world, everyone knows about the super-talented child Isra Habeeb, and you don’t believe that she in only five years old and student in UKG class of the Silver Hills School,Kozhikode.

IQ princess Isra steals the show

While she knows as her nickname IQ Princess and when she was only three years old where no one knows about yourself, Then at that time, She was the chief guest, Who cut the opening rope of the Parambil Bazar MAM Upper Primary School while that organized along Quiz competition.

Also, There is more population present to see her and his talent where IQ Princess enslave their audience with her talent and knowledge and there were hundreds of people presented of the cities of different countries.

After coming as a chief guest, She also entertained their audience with her lighting speed fast brain. the state and global award champions and all that the UP scholars of the school asked her Questions and She gave the all the answer without break her breath and those all the answer correctly. While she just three years old and she replied all the question which relates to subjects associated with the celebrities of the states, then the chief ministers of Kerala state and also names of respectively all player in about the football teams.

According to the reports, Where his father, U. Habeeb said, After few months to go when she was born , We recognized his extraordinary power, His IQ so fast and I was never explained to her of ABC but she read and tell all that and she learn from all those whose present in front of her and taking our talk and her repeated that then we find out she got some special power , Now she know as the IQ Press.

Isra invited as a chief guest in numerous place, where one of those recently Parambil Bazar MAM Upper Primary School and his principle also said, she is an inspiring kid who never stops and work as a multi-tasker when she just five-year-old.