Kerala Assembly Election Results 2016 Will Declared Tomorrow 19th May

All the party leaders and voters are waiting to know the election results. Millions of people voted in Kerala to choose their favorite candidate in the assembly elections.BJP made so various efforts earlier in the election to came power.


PM Modi tried his best to set BJP government in Kerala. People voted for their favorite candidate on 16 May 2016. Everyone is talking about the results and predictions of this assembly elections. The voters came out for polling.

The voter turnout in Kerala for the assembly elections was a tad higher at 77.35 percent. There are two major parties in Kerala. The first one is United Democratic Front, and the another one left parties Indian National Congress.

Party/Alliance  Seat Projection  Seat Share %
LDF                       86                 44
UDF                       53                 41
NDA                        1                 10
Others                     0                 05

Let me tell you the main leaders of Kerela. Ooman Chandy is the Indian National Congress Leader and he poll from his Puthuppally. Another one is VS Achutanandan, and he is from CPI Party.

According to IMEG (Institute of Monitoring economic growth), survey CPI led LDF could come in power in this election. According to their reports, Kerela voters are going to reject Bhartiya Janta Party and Congress-led incumbent UDF.

According to (Institute of Monitoring economic growth) LDF is going to win 83 to 90 seats tomorrow, but it is just a survey, not the correct report. So everyone should wait to know the accurate result.

Some Exit Poll we share in Below

  1. Chanakya Exit Poll :
  • LDF – 75 ± 9
  • UDF – 57 ± 9
  • BJP+ – 08 ± 4
  • Others – 0 ± 1

2.CVoter Exit Poll :

LDF : 74-82 seats

UDF : 54 to 62 seats

BJP : 0-4 seats

Other : 1