KIM JONG is preparing for a Nuclear War With the U.S. & its allies

Pyongyang: One ruler country – North Korea is preparing to fight a nuclear war against the USA and its allies in the Korean Peninsula. North Korea is the most completely closed society of the world. There are many things about North Korea that we cannot know. the nuclear strategy of DPRK is crystal clear – for Pyongyang has been doggedly pursuing this very same game plan single-mindedly, for decades on end.


North Korea is deliberately and methodically preparing to fight and win a limited nuclear war against the USA and its allies in the Korean peninsula.

If the U.S. commitment to Seoul’s defense is shown to be hollow, South Koreans themselves will militate to get U.S. soldiers out of their country on the double.

North Korea is testing the nuclear missiles. This shows that the North Korea is preparing for a big war to destroyed the rivals and enemy countries. Instead of several international ban on North Korean, it does not stop to test and launch their nuclear missiles.

There is another threat come forward to the world that Pakistan is helping North Korean by providing the vital information regarding the nuclear missiles and also supply the raw materials to North Korea.

The 3 generation of Kim in the North Korea have been preparing  to face down Uncle Sam. In some decades, North Korea has made the nuclear arsenal in his own land.

The policy of U.S. in the peninsula has been to deter North Korea over past 60 years.