Kishu INU Future Price Prediction 2021 News Update Marketcap Trading Chart Analysis

Kishu Inu (KISHU) is a well-known a decentralized cryptocurrency that usually offers instant rewards to the current KISHU holders. There are many exchanges platforms from where Kishu Inu can be brought such as Bitrue, BiKi, BKEX, etc. for the trading. In the upcoming days, the forecast for Kishu INU Price is not very optimistic with substantial fall in its price value. It seems like that the price of this digital currency may remain same at the end of this month and even at December 2021 without any significant change in its price. In this article, we are providing you the future forecast of Kishu INU (KISHU) Price.

Kishu INU


Kishu I (KISHU) Price Today (May 23, 2021)

Kishu INU Price: 0.000001 US Dollar

The price value of Kishu Inu in today’s market is 0.000001 US Dollar (-0.772 per cent). In the previous 24 hours, we have observed a 28.41 per cent downfall in Kishu Inu price. Over this week, the price value of Kishu Inu is witnessing a major downfall over this week and is ranking at the 2542 at present date. The market cap of Kishu Inu is also not currently available and the 24 hours trading volume of Kishu INU is $51,142,860 United States Dollar.

Looking at the data of its last two days of price history, yesterday (May 22) the price value of Kishu INU was opened at 0.0000000091 USD while its closing price was at 0.0000000066 USD. The minimum price on May 22 was recorded at 0.0000000062 US Dollar while the maximum was recorded at 0.0000000092 US Dollar. Earlier this on May 21, the opening price of Kishu INU was at $ 0.0000000061 while the closing price at $0.0000000091 with the min and max price at $0.0000000060 US Dolar and $0.0000000115 US Dollar respectively.

Kishu INU (KISHU) Price Live Market Chart

The price value of Kishu INU (KISHU) is down by 28.41 per cent today in the past 24 hours, reaching at its current value which is at $0.000001 USD. Talking about Kishu INU seven day high and low, it is $0.00000002 US Dollar and $0 US Dollar respectively. Below here is the Live Market Chart of Kishu INU (KISHU) Price on May 23, which is as follows:

Kishu INU (KISHU) Price (USD): $0.000001

24 Hours Price Change (percent): -29.91%

Low Price (24 hours): $0

High Price (24 hours): $$0.00000001

Market Cap:

24-Hours Volume: $50,760,600

Kishu INU (KISHU) Future Price Prediction

By looking at the on-going trend of Kishu INU price as of now, there’s no such big hope for this digital currency. This cryptocurrency is following the downfall trend and it doesn’t seem like that it is going to carry-on much further in long term basis. Talking about the opening price of Kishu INU in the opening of the month that is on 9th May 2021, it was $0.0000000008 USD while the closing price was at $0.0000000021 USD with minimum price at $0.0000000004 and maximum price at $0.0000000021.

Talking about its tomorrow’s price prediction that is on May 24, the Kishu INU (KISHU) price doesn’t look like to make any noteworthy progress. The Kishu INU (KISHU) price on May 24 may still continue to be at the same price at 0.000001 US Dollar with its minimum and maximum price hitting at the same value. Also, it doesn’t likely to make any big difference at the end of this month as well as at December 2021. The one year forecast of Kishu INU price is also disappointing as it is anticipated to be at $0.000001 US Dollar. It is also probable that the price value of Kishu Inu is very likely to see a big downfall dropping from $0.000352 US Dollar to $0.000001 US Dollar and the change that we going to witness is going to be -83.398 per cent.

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