Latest News: Islamic Extremist killed a Hindu Priest Hacked in Bangladesh

Latest News: Islamic Extremist killed a Hindu Priest Hacked in Bangladesh :- A Hindu Priest was killed by three unknown people in Jhinaidah district headquarters which is 300 km south west from the capital Dhaka.


Hindu Facing Existential Attacks In Bangladesh

All the three men wore helmet and came on the bike in the morning when the Hindu priest was going to his temple for the morning prayer and killed the priest with machetes and fled away.

Bangladesh is the Muslim-majority country which consists of 160 million muslims. This country has seen surge in violent attack on liberal person and hindu and other religions person only in few months.

The Police said that no one has been arrested yet and the police did not know the reason behind the killing of hindu priest.

Shaymanonda Das, 45, who was a hindu priest was killed by the Islamic extremist in the front of the temple in Jhinaidah.

The Chief of Jhinaidah district administration, Mahbubur told that the hindu priest was preparing for the morning prayer in temple with flowers and then three men came there suddenly and killed him very brutally.

He also said that the style and nature of killing is similar to local militants but we can not say anything right now.

In the previous attack, the Islamic State took the responsibility of attack on the minority and other religious people.

But the Government of Bangladesh denied that the Sunni Terrorist group is present in the country and said that the local or homegrown extremist were behind the attack on the minority and other religious  people.