Live: Bhubaneswar Massive Fire Caught at Odisha Hospital Fire, 19 dead, Over 100 injured

Live: Bhubaneswar Massive Fire Caught at Odisha Hospital Fire, 19 dead, Over 100 injured :- The Tuesday’s morning has brought the intimidating news for the people of Odisha as the massive fire gutted at one of the prominent hospitals of Bhubaneswar .


The fire broke on Monday evening, 17 October 2016 at the Sum Hospital and in few second it become massive as the fire reached the nearby Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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According to the reports, around 19 people have been declared dead, and over 100 people are injured with major burns. It is believed that the fire caught from the shot circuit.

Meanwhile, after the incident, Atanu S Nayak, the State’s Health Minister announced that appropriate action would be taken against the Hospital if they will be found guilty of this shot circuit.

According to the reports, the fire immediately spread and soon reached at the ICU on the first floor. Even reports are claiming that most of the people died because of the suffocation.

Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, showed his condolence to the families for the loss of their family member in this incident. The Prime Minister took the Twitter and described this incident as the mind-numbing and said his thoughts are with bereaved families.

Narendra Modi discussed this incident with the Union Health Minister JP Nadda and asked him to transfer the injured persons to the AIMS of Bhuvneshar and hence the most of the casualties have been transferred to AIMS.

Meanwhile, the numbers of the people in Bhuvneshwar have suffered the loss of their loved one in this fire, and now, they will be looking for the financial support from the government of India for the loss of their loved ones.