Maghe Sankranti 2020 Nepal 2076 Messages, Quotes, Wishes, SMS, Whatsapp Status & Images

Maghe Sankranti 2020 Nepal 2076 Messages, Quotes, Wishes, SMS, Whatsapp Status & Images : Maghe Sankranti is basically a Nepalese festival which is celebrated according to the Nepalese calendar on the first of Magh in the Vikram Sambat which according to English calendar falls around 14 January every year in Nepal. This observance marks the end to the winter solstice enclosing month of Poush.

Maghe Sankranti 2020 Nepal 2076

Maghe Sankranti is alike to other solstice festivals which are celebrated in other religious traditions. This year Maghe Sankranti is falling on 15th January 2020 and is going to be celebrated tomorrow on Tuesday.

Maghe Sankranti Significance

In general makar sankranti is observed on 14 January every year and is called differently in the different Indian subcontinent but usually known as Makar Sankranti. Maghe Sankranti is the most important harvest festival observed in Madhesh and Tharuhat of Nepal.

Sankranti is basically known as the movement of the sun from one zodiac sign to new one and as the Sun interchanges to the Capricorn zodiacal sign then it is known as Makara, this occurrence is titled as Makara Sankranti in the Pahari framework.

Maghe Sankranti is mainly one of the few Nepalese festivals which is celebrated by Madhesi and Tharu people that are observed on a particular date that is around 14 January according to the Nepali Calendar.

This solar festival day is celebrated to honour the God Surya who follows the solar cycle of the Bikrami calendar, contrasting other festivals that follow lunar cycle. Maghe Sankranti is considered as marking the commencement of a fortunate segment in Nepalese culture. It marks the conclusion of an unfavourable stage which as per the Hindu calendar arises about mid-December.

It is assumed that any fortunate and holy ritual can be blessed in any Nepali family from this day on-wards. Precisely, this day marks the commencement of warmer and lengthier days related to the nights. In other words, Maghe Sankranti marks the end of winter season and opening of a fresh harvest or spring season.

Maghe Sankranti Celebration

Maghe Sankranti is celebrated auspiciously with various holy rituals by the Hindus. On this day people take ritual bath at first in the early morning, particularly at auspicious river sites.

These auspicious river locations comprises of  Devghat near Chitwan Valley, Sankhamul on the Bagmati adjoining Patan, Gandaki/Narayani river basin at Triveni and Ridi on the Kaligandaki as well as in the Koshi River basin at Dolalghat on the Sun Koshi.

People practice their holy rites after bathing in auspicious river and festive foods are distributed such as laddoo, ghee and sweet potatoes among the family members or nearby localities. The mother of every single household prays for the good health of her family members.