Major Fire Inicident In Ware House In Budh Vihar Delhi

Major Fire Inicident In Ware House In Budh Vihar Delhi :-As the reports coming from sources that a fire set on a warehouse in Budhvihar in Delhi. The police reached there at 2:25 as the police said they were informed about this incident at 2:21 pm and then six fire tenders were sent at the incident.fire4

All the injured were admitted in 3 different hospitals and those all were treated their. And a sigh of relief news about this incident is this that no one is died in this incident. The fire was set their in a major warehouse and suddenly caught to the whole warehouse.

None of the workers died in this incident but some of them were injured not even the person who douse the fire at the spot. They all were safe their. As everyone suspects their that the fire main cause of this fire is due to explosion of cylinder but police did not find any cylinder inside the godown.

Some of the cooking gases were exploded from the spot but none of them were exploded their. Well it is a matter of investigation. 29 people were injured in this incident along with 10 year old boy and with two women.

Police also suspects that their may be the personal enmity behind this incident. Everyone has their own opinion behind this incident but the truth will come out after the proper investigation.

The fire spread all around to the warehouse and then a person saw that fire then everyone would get know about that incident then everyone gathered their after spreading the fire. The police tried their best to know the truth behind this incident. Their must be a fire extinguisher at every warehouse so that from next time we will be safe from these incidents.