Marcus Anthony Eriz and Wynne Lee Details On Arrests Made in Aiden Leos freeway shooting

The most viral news of Costa Mesa where a 6-year-old named Aiden Leos gets murdered by some of the murders and now the photos of the suspects have been released on the internet. Aiden Leos was shot on an Orange County expressway in the previous month and now, the news is that suspects have been named Marcus Anthony Eriz age 24 and Wynne Lee age 23 and both of them lived in Costa Mesa. The duo is assumed to be accused in Orange County on Tuesday. The accurate aspects of the statements have not been concluded but by seeing all the consequences it is expected as the driver was Lee while the gunman was Eriz and also the police recovered a white Volkswagen along with a weapon. Donald Goodbrand who is the CHP Assistant Chief said a statement on Monday in a press conference that there are some terms to explain the activity performed by the offensive activities of that day. Wiki Bio & Images

Talking about the incident then the whole incident took place on 21st May 2021 around 7:55 AM and 8:15 AM where a 6-year-old girl named Aiden was travelling with his mother to kindergarten. The boy was lying in a supporter seat on the right back rider side, then suddenly some unidentified person comes with another vehicle and started firing on the car by which the boy gets killed by the open fire and the incident took place at the northbound 55 Freeway linking the 22 Freeway and Chapman Avenue. After that, the boy was rushed to the Children’s Hospital which is in Orange County and later after treatment the doctors declared him dead.

Later, the officers arranged a press conference on Monday to address the suspects of the case of Aiden and the CHP officers and the Orange County area attorney-at-law are giving information on the arrests of two defendants in the murder of Aiden Leos. After doing a manhunt, two-week later on Sunday, the suspect Eriz along with Lee arrested at their place in Costa Mesa. As per the latest sources, it is assumed that the murders will be charged with murder and carrying a bail amount of $1 million each. After that, the further investigation stated that a man and a woman were travelling on a white Volkswagen and it is supposed that the man shot Aiden and killed him.

The inquiry into the murder of Aiden Leos directed researchers to a house in Whittier, where they discovered a white Volkswagen equaling the representation of the one adopted by the defendants. The neighbours of the house state they assume Eriz’s grandmother stays there and also, Dave Kampa who is the neighbour said that it’s sort of stupid acknowledging that personage five houses under the road were included in this atrocious murder. Stay tuned with us for more updates and information about this.

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