Mark Montgomery: Safari Guide Dragged into River By 12ft Crocodile WATCH

There is a shocking piece of news coming out from the Kruger National Park located in South Africa where a Safari Guide, Mark Montgomery had the terrible experience of being dragged into a river and he was dragged by a 12-foot crocodile. This news attracts the interest of many people and surfacing on various social media platforms. It is shared that a video also shared of this incident. Many people are hitting the search engine and are curious to know more about this terrible incident. In this article, we shared the complete information and also talk some more important points related to this incident, so read continuously.

Mark Montgomery: Safari Guide Dragged into River By 12ft Crocodile WATCH

This incident was so scary and terrifying to watch the gigantic beast bite him. This incident happened when he was working as a tour guide in South Africa. It is said that he was dragged by a 12 feet crocodile and the tourists gasped in surprise. He is currently 52 years old and the tour guide at the Kruger National Park, South Africa. It was almost near the end of the tour when this crocodile attack incident occurred. There is a video also shared about this incident and many social media users are sharing their reactions on social media platforms. Scroll down to know more about this incident.

Safari Guide Dragged into River By 12ft Crocodile

As per the reports, he went into the river to fetch some water but suddenly a crocodile attacked him this incident took place when he was the tour guide for the group traveling the 400-mile Kruger Trail. However, he is still alive and now in stable condition but his hand is injured badly. He didn’t have any infection after this bite and he is fine. The Kruger National Park is one of the biggest and oldest parks of South Africa and this national park is in the headlines of the internet. He explains this crocodile attack incident to the Youtube Channel and in this viral video is seen as sitting and explaining the whole incident.

This crocodile incident is running on the trends of the news and the internet. Lots of social media users are expressing their reactions to this terrible incident by commenting and posting. He shared that the crocodile dragged him into the water and I had managed to pull out my hand from his mouth. It would have to take my hand in its mouth but I battled for my life as I was kicking up off the bottom to get to the surface. Stay tuned to dekhnews.com to get more articles on the latest news topics.

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