McDonald’s New CEO’s Share the 1st Quarter Earnings Plans

McDonald’s New CEO’s Share the 1st Quarter Earnings Plans : The most common and the most famous fast food Chain among all the countries and most of the people love to have the taste of there nice and tasty food, But in resent news the McDonald’s new CEO has make clear that in upcoming times he is planing to rule on the fast food market and now he has also made the plans to have all the metrical and the man power so, Now he is one step closer to his dream. Steve Easterbrook recent CEO took over of McDonald’s in January and he is on his way to make his own name and earn a good amount of money.

McDonald’s Quarter Earnings Plans

McDonald's New CEO's Share the 1st Quarter Earnings Plans

McDonald’s New CEO’s Share the 1st Quarter Earnings Plans

Steve Easterbrook took over as the boss of McDonald’s in January. He is planning to sell 3,500 of around 36,000 McDonald’s restaurants worldwide to franchisees by 2018; this could only refer to means that nearly 90% of McDonald’s restaurants will be franchised. For the most part Mr Steve Easterbook seems to be more  focused on catching up with rivals and rule the fast food chain companies.

From the previous bid to boost profits, McDonald’s will seek to refranchise some 3,500 restaurants upcoming four years. It previously expected to refranchise 1,500 locations. The move will make 90% of McDonald’s franchisee operated globally, up from 81% currently. This is will be a real jump for McDonald’s “I have a strong philosophical belief in franchising,” said Easterbrook.

As part of the business among model shift, McDonald’s hinted at further cuts in staff and reducing there man strength of people that are not required at its headquarters on top of ones made earlier in the year.  McDonald’s expects to save about $300 million by the end of 2017 by using such kind of activities.

Ultimately, these plans will place an extra emphasis on franchisees to develop new menu items and also to cater to local taste preferences to have increase in there sales.  Franchisees will also have to become more and more creative if they wan to compete with other companies in fast food and also in reaching consumers.Steve Easterbrook also thought of  new tests of all-day breakfast in certain San Diego markets and delivery at 88 restaurants in Manhattan with new upstart delivery platform Postmates services.


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