Officially Launched: Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

Recently, Microsoft has launched its brand new Surface-branded accessories comprising an Surface keyboard, Signature Edition Type Cover, Special Edition NFL Type Cover and ergonomic keyboard.


Surface Ergonomic Keyboard: As the name suggests that Microsoft’s Surface Ergonomic Keyboard that is compatible with Surface Book, Surface Studio and Surface Pro 4 only and is available at US $130. It is a wireless keyboard that comes with low-profile keys that give easy and comfy typing experience to the user.The keyboard is equipped with AAA batteries which help the keyboard last a yearlong. This type of keyboard is compatible with Windows 8 and above versions, Windows 10 Mobile, Mac OS v10.10.5/10.11.1/10.11.14 and Android 4.4.2 KitKat to Android 5.0 Lollipop OS.

This wireless keyboard comes at a price of Rs 6, 700/- approximately. One more interesting thing about Surface Keyboard is that it is back lit and comes with the elevated design. The another keyboard with fingerprint reader was also identified, but the price is still unrevealed.


Microsoft has launched a Surface Mouse at Rs 2,000/-. The mouse weighs about 91 grams and comes in soft gray color with a metal scroll wheel. The mouse is also powered by AAA batteries and last about a year long.

Microsoft even unveiled Surface Pro Type Covers with Fingerprint ID on it for Windows 10 OS. Microsoft also launched few several Surface Pro 4 Type Covers and one of them comes with Fingerprint ID.

Microsoft announced that all the new accessories will ship starting from 10th November 2016 and pre-orders are also available.

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