Mizzy Bacari Ogarro Entering Stranger Home Video Goes Viral on Social Media

Recently the news is going viral over the internet. And with that entire world get to know about the Viral news. Everyone is looking for the video over the internet. The moment the video is uploaded over the internet it’s gone viral. Everyone is searching for viral news. Here in this article, we will talk about the new recent viral news. As per readers like to know more about viral news. Keep following the article to know more about the viral news. TikTok prankster Mizzy Bakri Ogaro is going viral as she is being searched by police after she filmed herself entering a private home uninvited. Learn more about Mizzi here.

Mizzy Bacari

Bakari Ogaro, better known as Secret Mizzi, is a TikTok prankster whose name has been in the media for quite some time now. In her TikTok videos, we can see Mizzi doing different moves. Tik toker does prank videos which have caught a lot of attention of the people. Furthermore, Mizzy was widely criticized after her videos were circulated on social media. Meanwhile, Ogaro shared the video of him entering the London home two weeks ago as a prank. In the video, we can see Mizzi walking into a stranger’s house uninvited. TikTok prankster Mizzy Bakari Ogaro is going viral after posting a prank video of him entering a stranger’s house uninvited. In the video, Mizzy is seen with two friends, and we can see them going through the front door, which has been left open. After that, the boys take the woman to her courtyard.

Mizzy Bacari Ogarro Entering Stranger Home

Once inside the house, Mizzy sits down on the sofa before being asked to leave by a man who appears in the living room, as the children are heard calling out for daddy. TikTok prankster Mizzy Bakri Ogaro went viral after she entered a stranger’s house uninvited. When Mizzi posted the video on social media, it was widely discussed and everyone demanded her arrest for her intolerable action. Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Ongaro has been criticized. All of her videos are similar, as Mizzi often gets into awkward situations with strangers. Mizzi has said that she did the video to get attention, be it love or hate.

Mizzi Bakari Ogaro has already been arrested after the recent incident. After receiving several reports and hate from people, the police also started looking for Mizzi. According to the LAD Bible, Mizzy handed himself over. The Metropolitan Police issued a statement on 22 May revealing that Mizzi had been arrested on suspicion of inciting a public disturbance. We have shared every single piece of news about this case with you. So, Stay tuned to Dekh news for more updates about this case.

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