MrBeast: Is the Most followed YouTuber losing Subscribers Amid Chris Tyson Controversy? Explained

It is shared that MrBeast has become embroiled in some unwarranted controversy as a result of Chris Tyson. Mrbeast amid Chris’s controversy and this news is gathering so much attention on the internet sites. MrBeast’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson and he is an American Youtuber and philanthropist who has a massive amount of fans. Now, many of his fans are worried about him and hitting the search engine to know more about this controversy. In this article, we shared the complete information about this controversy and also talk about them in this article, so read continuously.

Is the Most followed YouTuber

As per the exclusive news and information, Mrbeast slams a comment about his friend Chris that “All This Transphobia Is Starting to Piss Me Off”. He has hit back against a suggestion that his friend becomes a “nightmare” for him because of his hormone replacement therapy. He responded to a Twitter user on Twitter who posted related to a recent video from SunnyV2 titled “Why Chris Will Soon Be a Nightmare for MrBeast” speculating that Tyson’s feminine appearance will hurt MrBeast’s popularity. It is also shared that “Yeah, this is getting absurd” on this he replied that “Chris isn’t my ‘nightmare’ he’s my fu*ken friend and things are fine. All this transphobia is starting to piss me off.

Is the Most followed YouTuber losing Subscribers

It is shared that it was not a serious controversy and he just replied to a Twitter user about his friend Chris. He is an American Youtuber and his channel is the fourth most subscribed channel on Youtube. There are lots of people who come to his fan-follower list. On the other hand, Chris is his friend who appeared in his various videos and earlier this month, he said that informed-consent hormone replacement therapy (HRT) had “saved my life and many others’ lives.”

MrBeast is a Youtube channel and one of the most subscribers on Youtube. Chris is one of the members of the MrBeast crew and said on 6 April 2023 that he was undergoing HRT. After this announcement, the crew has been destroyed by controversy. If we talk about the loss of subscribers then MrBeast also cleared in his statement that the Channel has the channel had 141 million subscribers on 5 April 2023 and later this channel hit 154 million subscribers on 19 May 2023. This channel gains over 13 million subscribers in one and a half months. Stay linked to dekhnews.com to read more articles on the latest and exciting news topics.

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