Mumbai: Man Falls For Liking YouTube Videos to Earn Money Scam, Loses Rs 8.5 Lakh

In our daily life, the cases of scams are increasing day by day, and lots of people are trapped in these scams. Similarly, there is a case coming out in which a native of Mumbai was trapped in the scam and he lost around Rs. 8.5 lakhs. This is a hot topic of social media and now scam news is running in the trends of the news and internet sites. This news is gathering a lot of attention among the netizens or people and so many queries are raising related to this scam incident. Let’s know the complete information related to this scam topic and we also share some important details about the scam.


As per the exclusive reports, it is shared that a Mumbai man trapped in a scam for liking YouTube videos to earn money scam but he lost Rs. 8.5 lakhs. The trapped person is a Mumbai-based man who was deputed for more than Rs. 8.5 lakh ad this scam incident happened when he tried to earn money by liking YouTube videos. This scam news attracts the interest of many people and lots of people are hitting the search engine to know more information related to this topic. Scroll down and continue reading to know more about this scam case.

Mumbai: Man Falls For Liking YouTube Videos

After this scam incident, the police began an investigation. Police stated in a statement that the victim was forced to deposit money in bank accounts. Those people who done these kinds of scam crimes are also known as fraudsters. It is said that the victims receive small amounts of money and began believing the scammers. He was also added to some Telegram groups and was told that his money would be deposited in his virtual accounts. Now the investigation is ongoing but currently not much information has been shared related to this scam incident.

In a report, it is shared that he was asked to transfer Rs. 2.5 lakh for a task and at that time he realized, he was being trapped. In these small kinds of depositing money in the account, he lost a total of Rs. 8.59 lakh in this scam. There are lots of cases coming out that define these kinds of scams in which many people became victims of these scam crimes in the last few months. Like this one, there is a scam case in which fraudsters promise to give Rs. 3,000 to 6,000 per day as a job but they demand to victims for depositing a particular amount in the fraudster’s account. Stay tuned to dekhnews.com to read more articles.

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