Nathan Chen Gold Medal Video, Gold Medal Men’s Figure Skating Watch

Nathan Chen Gold Medal Video, Gold Medal Men’s Figure Skating Watch Nathan Chen has reportedly won a gold medal in a man’s singles figure skating competition. He has made his country proud on the account of his performance in the Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing. Winter Olympics is considered to be one of the most prestigious international sports events for players. The player has come to be so popular on the internet that people are sharing some moments of the player in the competition. He was so good at his performance that he won the game without any hindrance.

Nathan Chen Gold Medal Video

Nowadays, a video of the concerned figure skater has been viral all over the internet that is showing the player giving his level best in the competition as well as taking a round of the ground with the flag of the United States. His patriotism has made everyone get inspired by him. The video of Nathan Chen is roaming on various social media platforms with the name Rocket Man. He has become popular with the name “Rocket Man.”

Nathan Chen Gold Medal Video

As far as the runner ups are discussed, Japan has secured third and second positions in the competition. Yuma Kagiyama and Shoma Uno have won silver and bronze medals respectively in the competition. Rocket Man earned 332.60 points in the game. No sooner did the video of the American skater than people initiated sharing the video.

People are wondering to know more and more about personality. He has become a celebrity after winning this gold medal. People are taking to the internet to get to know him. He has been participating in many international competitions for many years. He has won several titles and medals for his country, that is, the US.

A viral video is ruling the internet of Nathan Chen. He is being shown performing and receiving a gold medal for the US in a figure skating competition in the Winter Olympics Beijing 2022. The video has been watched and liked by thousands of people on the internet. The video is showing the pride moment of the skater. He is being called to be the Rocket Man on the account of the viral video.

Who is Nathan Chen?

He is a figure skater in the United States. Lately, he has won a gold medal in the Winter Olympics in Beijing. He has also won a silver medal in a skating team competition in the same event in 2022. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, the USA on 5th May 1999. He is 22-year-old. He is a Chinese-American. His birth name is Nathan Wei Chen.

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