National cotton candy day 2018: History, facts, Images, Pictures and Celebrations

National cotton candy day 2018: History, facts, Images, Pictures and Celebrations: National cotton candy day is observed on 7th December every year to celebrate the love for this sweet fluffy delight. This year the National cotton candy day is celebrated on Friday, 7th December 2018. Every year on this day, cotton candy lovers seek forward to celebrate the day by taking the bites of the puffs of cotton candy and talk about their childhood memories.

National cotton candy day 2018

Cotton Candy has become the favourite as well as essential treat for any carnival, fairs and circus. It is popular amongst young as well as elders too and that’s why it is very popular in treat for any occasion.

Now days, these sweet treats are available very easily and are inexpensive too, but it was not same in the previous time when it was initially created. It was very expensive and only few people at that time can afford this sweet delight. After the invention of machine-spun cotton candy it was presented to a widespread population and made it available easily in low budget.                  

Cotton Candy names around the world

Cotton candy has diverse names around the world such as

  • In the Netherlands, it is known as suikerspin (sugar spider)
  • In France, it is known as barbe à papa (papa’s beard)
  • In Greece, it is known as Grandma’s Hair
  • In England, it is known as candy floss
  • In Singapore, it is known as Candy floss
  • In Peru, it is known as Algodón dulce (sweet cotton)
  • In Estonia, it is known as Suhkruvatt (sugar cotton)
  • In Hungary, it is known as Vattacukor (cotton-wool sugar)
  • In Indonesia, it is known as Gulali (from “sugar”)
  • In Poland, it is known as wata cukrowa (sugar cotton)
  • In Australia and Finland, it is known as fairy floss
  • In Italy, it is known as Zucchero filato
  • In Japan, it is known as Watakashi
  • In Norway, it is known as Sugar Spin
  • In South Afrikaans, it is known as Spook asem (ghost breath)

Cotton Candy Different Flavours

The original flavour of cotton candy was just white but with time new other flavours are also added in this sweet delight and these flavours are: Bubble gum, vanilla, banana, watermelon, raspberry and chocolate

According to the colours, the most popular colours of cotton candy are pink and blue, though purple, red, yellow and brown are also sold.

Facts about Cotton Candy

  • Initially cotton candy was named fairy floss.
  • This fluffy sweet delight contains just one ingredient and that is sugar.
  • Cotton candy doesn’t comprise of large amount of sugar, it merely comprises of the sugar in an average soft drink.
  • A single strand of cotton candy is even thinner than a human hair.
  • The person behind this sugary treat invention is Dr. William Morrison who was a dentist and invented it in 1897.
  • Cotton candy was first presented in 1904 at the St. Louis World Fair. At that time the box of this sweet treat was sold for 25 cents, which was half the price of an entrance fee and ticket charges to the fair.

National Cotton Candy Day Celebration

Celebrate this day by visiting nearby carnivals, fairs and circus and take the bites of the cotton candy puffs as much as you can. Enjoy your day with your favourite delight and also, take a picture of yours with a cotton candy and post it in your social networking account with hashtag #NationalCottonCandyDay