National Emblem Controversy Explained – PM Unveils National Emblem “Then and Now” What’s The Difference?

National Emblem Controversy Explained – PM Unveils National Emblem “Then and Now” What’s The Difference?:- The National Emblem of India, the Lion Emblem, has become a topic of argument among politicians in India. The news building for the Parliament in India is under construction and the recently shared photo of the Ashokan Emblem and also is known as the National Emblem of India. No sooner did the photos of the Ashokan Emblem, placed in the New Parliamentary building, the Indian PM share than a number of people initiated making comparisons between the national emblem placed in the old parliamentary building and that in the new parliamentary building.

National Emblem Controversy Explained PM Unveils National Emblem Then and Now What's The Difference

National Emblem Controversy Explained, What’s The Difference?

The Indian PM has been dragged into a controversy on the account of his latest photos therein he is standing before the national emblem placed outside the new parliamentary building. People are saying that the Lion in the new emblem is angry whereas the Lion in the initial and the original emblem of Ashoka is calm. A number of opposition leaders and politicians are claiming the Indian PM of playing a tactic to change the idealogy of the Indian Parliament. On the account of this photograph, a number of politicians are getting outrageous and they are also showing their wrath in their comments and posts on social media.

PM Narendra Modi is the head of the Executive of India and he unveiled the first look of the Ashokan Emblem placed in the news building of Parliament in India. In the response to the uploaded photos of PM Narendra Modi, Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal party made a tweet saying that the lion in the national emblem in the new Parliamentary building is looking modified. The Ashkan Emblem is keeping lions with a mild expression. On the other hand, the lions in the modified version of Ashokan Emblem appear to have a man-eater tendency. A number of politicians are saying that the change in the expression of the lions in the National Emblem is granted as an insult to the National Emblem.

A number of people are asking the government of India to fix it like the original lion emblem. They are posting and commenting on social media therein they are insulting the government for modifying the National Emblem of India. It is obvious that every expression and animal in the Ashokan emblem is a symbol of something that conveys any message. The ministers of the ruling party are silent on this argument. More details related to this news will be shared on the internet as soon as possible.

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