National Letter Writing Day 2018: Significance, Celebrations, Importance and Ideas

National Letter Writing Day 2018: Significance, Celebrations, Importance and Ideas: National Letter Writing Day is celebrated on 7th December every year to raise the awareness, history and significance of the letter writing which is declining nowadays due to the advancement of technology. This year the National Letter Writing Day is going to be celebrated on Friday, 7th December 2018.

National Letter Writing Day: Significance and celebrations

As nowadays technology has grown up and reached to next level, so as the people are forgetting the initial, traditional and physical way of communication. Letters have played a great role in communicating the views, thoughts, ideas, etc. in each and every phase of generation development. From the ancient times, letters have been the main method of communicating with others far away from each other across the globe. But new technologies like smartphones, software like E-Mail and so on have declined the usage of letters in current generation.

This day is observed to celebrate letter writing and to realize the importance of letters and the role they played in development of societies across the world. Celebrate this day by grabbing colourful papers and writing a letter to your loved ones. You can also make the letter more special by making the envelope on your own and by elaborating your letters through colourful pens. Send the letter to your loved ones and make them feel special. Also, don’t forget to ask them to reply for your letter in same traditional method.

Importance of Letter Writing

  • A letter provides instant, and in standard everlasting, physical record of communication, deprived of the necessity for printing.
  • For receiving the letter, the receiver need not to have any special device just their postal address is required.
  • Letters do not cause any harm to the receiver through transferring malware as it is a physical object not software. Through emails harmful files can be transmitted to one another.
  • If necessary, small items can be bounded in the envelope with the letter which is not possible in emails.
  • Letter writing makes the person master in the technique or skill of good writing.
  • A letter by the sender, in their own handwriting is more personal and special rather than an email.

Ideas for Letter Writing

  • On this day you can write a letter to your grandparents or any other relatives that you haven’t seen for quite long time.
  • If you have any important person in your life who has made a difference in your life and guided you when you really need a direction, then you must send a thanking letter to them.
  • Write a letter to your friends or relative whose birthdays, anniversary or any other special day are coming soon.
  • If you want to do something good for the society then write a letter to your local authorities, raising voice or presenting your views for your society welfare.
  • You can also write a thanking letter to your favourite school and college teachers.
  • You can also write a letter to yourself describing your present life and what you want to achieve in your coming years, preserve the letter for coming further years and open it when you think is the right time and compare your past situation to present and decide did you achieve what you want to.

All these ideas will definitely make you as well as others happy, so make this day more amazing by applying these ideas.