National Sandwich Day 2018 Deals and Specials To Celebrate With

National Sandwich Day 2018 Deals and Specials To Celebrate With: National Sandwich Day is celebrated on 3rd November, annually to honor America’s most popular standard lunch item, which is sandwich. It is also the birth anniversary of John Montagu, 4th Earl of sandwich, who was the first one who invented sandwich.

National Sandwich Day 2018

Sandwich is basically a portable finger food consisting of vegetables, sliced meat or cheese placed between the slices of bread. This delicious delight is consumed worldwide and is available in different varieties; such as cheese & hang sandwich, ham & onion sandwich, tuna & cucumber sandwich or roast beef sandwich and many more.

Sandwich is the most convenient and beloved food all around the world and what can be better than celebrating a day for giving honor to John Montagu and the legendary delight which made a huge impact all over the world in the culinary delight of all time.

History of National Sandwich Day

It is believed that in the middle ages, a chieftain John Montagu who was the 4th Earl of the town named ‘Sandwice’ invented sandwich. One day while he was in a gambling event, wanted to eat his meal with one hand, without fork and knife as well as didn’t want grease loaded fingers on the cards so he instructed his servant to put the meat between two slices of bread. After hearing this, people started ordering the same and named it sandwich.

How to Celebrate National Sandwich Day

  • People on this day basically create their own sandwich recipes which can be their original recipe or they might also take recipes from cookery book. Instead of normal sandwich you can make grilled cheese sandwich and for making sandwich more delicious you can add bacon, jam, goat cheese etc.
  • On this day, eat sandwiches for your meal all day, such as for breakfast you may have bacon and egg sandwich, for lunch you may have egg salad sandwich and for dinner you may have roast beef sandwich and for dessert you may have ice cream sandwich.
  • People go out with their friends and family and visit nearby sandwich food chain and have their sandwich meal.
  • As social networking sites are used by all over the world, people now celebrate this day by clicking the photos of their sandwich meal and posting it on their social media account with a hashtag  #NationalSandwichDay