New Scheme: In Hyderabad Price of subsidy on LPG is increased!

New Scheme: In Hyderabad Price of subsidy on LPG is increased! :- Well, another big news is coming out from the Hyderabad where the government is about to raise the amount of subsidy for the people. As per the reports, the government is about to take this decision because of the rising price of LPG cylinder and amount of people transferring into other things like coal and woods. Even the normal people are in the deep problem because of the rise of LPG cylinder since few months.

A worker loads domestic LPG cylinder on a truck in Jammu *** Local Caption *** A worker loads domestic LPG cylinder on a truck in Jammu on Thursday.. The Prime Minister-appointed Kirit Parikh committee on February 03 recommended complete decontrol of the petrol and diesel prices and favoured a hike of Rs. 100 a domestic LPG cylinder. Express PHOTO BY AMARJEET SINGH.

As per the reports, the price of a subsidised domestic LPG cylinder and a non-subsidised one is narrowing fast. Even the price of a domestic LPG subsidised cylinder has been revised upwards by Rs 2 every month since July 2016, and by Rs 4 from August 2017. The intention seems to be to remove the subsidy totally by March 2018.

In Hyderabad Price of subsidy on LPG is increased!

You all may know that the present price of, a subsidised cylinder in Hyderabad costs Rs 495.68 and a non-subsidised cylinder Rs 646.  Also, in August, the non-subsidised price was Rs 572, but from September 1, the price was increased by Rs 74. Also, you all know that to each consumer it is entitled that he can use 12 subsidised cylinders in a business year (April 1 to March 31). If you use above of that then you have to pay the real amount of LPG  cylinder in a non-subsidised price.

The government has issued LPG connections to lakhs of BPL (below poverty line) families in the last two years under the Deepam and Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana schemes. Now that it has increased the price of cylinders, these people will be badly affected.

Well, everything is going good but the short-sightedness of such a policy is evident as people will revert to using firewood rather than gas. Already, women self-help groups who cook the government mandated mid-day meals in thousands of government schools have stopped using cylinders and are opting for firewood.

“Out of the total subsidy component, Rs 28 is borne by the Centre and the rest is borne by oil manufacturing companies (OMCs). There are indications that the Centre may eliminate only its component of the subsidy, which is Rs 28, by March 2018. Consumers will continue to receive the OMC subsidy component after that. But clarity on this is yet to come,” said Mr K. Jagan Mohan Reddy. Well, this is a very serious issue for the Government and they are about to increase the subsidy to help out soon.