Ngp Bus Accident Video, 3 Buses Collapsed On Highway Details Explored!

A very shocking and harsh accident happened at the Neelampur where a serious collision happened between the NGP college buses at Neelampur. The Ngp Bus Accident was too harsh and serious by which the students who were inside the bus got seriously injured in the accident and taken to the nearest hospital where all of them are treated under the observation of many doctors who puts their best to recover the students from the serious injuries they got during the accident. The police along with many of the ambulances services vehicles are at the spot for finding the cause of the accident along with taking the students to the hospitals for treating them well. The roads of the highways get jammed with full traffic after the collision and all the vehicles get trapped in the jams. Stick with our article to collect all the information about the accident.

Ngp Bus Accident Video

Ngp Bus Accident

The whole accident happened in the mid-noon of 21st December 2021 on Tuesday at Neelampur where around 3 NGP college buses get crashed with each other in the mid of the road and still, there is no confirmation and announcement about the cause of the accident abut after seeing the spot it’s clear that the accident was too harsh and serious as all the buses are struck from behind to behind which clears that it was a massive hit from behind.

After the accident, the police along with the ambulance services reached the spot after receiving a call from an unknown person who informed the police along with the emergency services about the accident. The police responded to the accident very soon and reached the spot to check out what happened at the spot and the ambulance was also present at the spot to take the students to the nearest hospital and around 5 to 6 ambulances along with bunched of polcie vehicles are at the spot.

The police still have not come with an official statement and announcement about the injured students in the Ngp Bus Accident as they are still investigating the case and surely they will come with an official statement about the accident very soon. The roads of the highways cleraed later after lots of struggles and efforts made by the traffic controller and the investigators of the roads. Stick with our website Dekhnews.com to collect more information and updates about the accident as we will update you with the latest information about the accident.

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