Nurse Arrested For Killing Babies, Killed 8 Babies In Hospital Ward Watch Video

One of the tangling and shocking news has come in this hour from the United Kingdom as a British nurse who was arrested in the charge of murdering 8 newborn babies and tried to 10 more in the hospital center where she worked in a neonatal ward have regretted all the charges. If you want to know what was happened and when then stick as below we will provide you each and every detail of the incident so follow us and read it completely.

Nurse Arrested For Killing Babies, Killed 8 Babies In Hospital Ward Watch Video

As per the gathered information, the British Nurse named Lucy Letby who is 31 years old age currently appeared for a hasty hearing at the London Court named Manchester Crown Court recently, and the video is linked from the prison. In the hearing, she answered that I am not guilty of killing the 8 babies.

As per her charges, the nurse in the year between 2015 and 2016 had murdered 8 newborn babies and with that, she tried to kill 10 more at the hospital where she worked and her duty was in the neonatal ward at the hospital named Chester Hospital Center which is at South of Liverpool in northwest England. Abd in the year 2017 the investigating police start investigating the murder case and in that they arrest the Nurse and with that charged by last year. As two times she was arrested and taken to police custody and twice got bailed in the years 2018 & 2019.

While the survivor’s and deceased children’s family details are protected by the court orders for their safety as the case is very involute so their identities are hidden. So now at present, the jury members of court detention Letby in the custody, and with that, the last trial up to six months will be performed and it will be held on October 2022.

Now it will be seen that what decisions will be made in this murder case context by the court. As everyone’s eye is in this case for several years and everyone wants that the killer will be harshly punished. The case has gained so much light as not one but 8 new born babies have been killed and the killer is taking breathe outside the prison walls now not the deceased & survivor’s family but also the people who had listened to the news want justice for the babies. And we also hope that the deceased ones get justice. If any additional information comes regarding this case we will surely update you. For more updates stay tuned with us.

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