Ohio 14 year old girl kills her father to protect family from abuse

Ohio 14 year old girl kills her father to protect family from abuse : On Friday, a minor girl 14 year old from Ohio shot her father in the head when he was sleeping. She wanted to stop him from abusing her family, her attorney said.


The girl denied a charge of aggravated murder on Wednesday in Trumbull County Juvenile Court. She has been held in juvenile detention since the shooting occured on 28th July at her home in Warren, 55 miles southeast of Cleveland.

Cleveland attorney Ian Friedman said that this was a classic situation of a battered woman as it relates to mom. The minor girl and her siblings witnessed this every day. It reached a point where it’s self-defence and defence of others.

On Thursday, The 41-year-old mother of the minor girl told WJW-TV in Cleveland that she filed for a protective order against her husband five years ago. The mother of girl called her daughter a hero for her actions.

Friedman said that The girl shot her father 42 year old in the head with his .45-caliber handgun when her father was sleeping on a living room couch. At the time of shooting her mother was sleeping on the floor next to her husband.

He described that the father of girl said that he required his wife to constantly remain near him.

Friedman also said that the shooting was a reaction to abuse that had occurred the previous day and evening. In the mind of minor girl, this was the only opportunity she had to defend her family and her mother.

Friedman  said that Minor girl has two siblings – a brother 20 year old and a sister 19 year old. Both the siblings were in the home when the shooting occurred.

An initial trial hearing has been scheduled for 30th August 2016. Friedman said he would be helping the prosecutors in their investigation.